Last year 18 of the 25 Senators co-introduced SB 464 which will make the Liquor Control define their dancing rules and clear up this grey area.  
Maui Dance Advocates needs you to contact the Chair and/or Vice Chair of the Economic Development and Business Committee and encourage them to put it on their committee agenda by March 20th,
or the bill will die.  

EDB Chair Rep. Clift Tsuji

phone: 808-586-8480
fax: 808-586-8484

EDB Vice Chair Rep. Gene Ward

phone: 808-586-6420
fax: 808-586-6421

We have been working hard for 8 years to figure out if we can bob our heads and tap are toes in bars and restaurants.  We like dance floors for dancing, but we want a little wiggle room while we are standing around listening to music in places that sell alcohol.

Donations to Maui Dance Advocates are 
not tax-deductible, but will give us 
capital to travel to the Capitol in Honolulu 
to get SB 464 passed.

To take part in the Movement Freedom Movement  call Jīvā Jīvē (808)264-7691

You can dance if you want too!

Maui Dance Advocates is an unincorporated association dedicated to fighting for the right to dance in Maui county.  
Currently unpermitted dancing in places where liquor is served is not allowed by order of the Liquor Commission.

'A'A I Ka Hula
Dare to Dance
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